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Lakeside Requiescence


Tranquillity and beauty behold this waterfront home in Alberta. 

Our clients chose the Algarve motorized bioclimatic louvred pergola in a light RAL colour to blend in seamlessly with the exterior of their home.

This custom-made, pre-engineered louvred roof system boasts robust performance with a sleek, minimalistic design. It is built with the highest aluminum quality, ocean-treated for superior corrosion resistance. A Somfy remote gives ease of operation for both the louvres and screens.

Underneath A White Pergola With Screens
Before Picture Of Lakeside Requiescence Project

The louvres of this pergola tilt up to 150 degrees, which provides flexibility to control the amount of fresh air and sunshine for ideal comfort. It is also 100% waterproof, with a built-in drainage system. The drainage system is also equipped with a unique leaf-catching profile and a profile that breaks up water droplets to ensure every raindrop is captured.

We enclosed the pergola with motorized external screens, called Fixscreens, with an integrated clear PVC window strip to create a flexible outdoor room with a view. 

The Fixscreen external blind is pre-engineered, incredibly rigid, bug proof, resistant to high wind speeds, and provides strong weather protection. On one side, a screen door was installed for easy entry and exit when the screens are down.

Outside in the fresh air, the owners of this home savour the endless view of the water and blue skies while protected from inclement weather and annoying insects. The owners are elated with their new outdoor living space that can be enjoyed all year round.

Products Used

Bioclimatic Pergola: Algarve Options: Fixscreen, Up/Down Lighting

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