white louvred pergola in the daytime poolside with screens


A pergola with a glass sliding wall

Finish your pergola with a glass sliding wall and add another dimension to your exterior room. A glass sliding wall provides protection against the wind or insects and you do not lose the great view of the outdoors. Since you can fully enclose your pergola with a glass sliding wall, this is also an ideal option for preventing burglaries. It is fitted with a lock and 0.39” hardened safety glass which gives you peace of mind when you leave your furniture under the canopy. A pergola with a glass sliding wall also gives you extra protection against the sun, rain and wind! 

You can also combine the glass sliding doors for your pergola or carport with solar shading Fixscreens and/or cozy exterior curtains to create a stylish and uniform overall look. 


  • Retain a full view outside
  • Protection against cold, rain and wind
  • Can be locked
  • Can be combined with Fixscreen in Camargue line


  • Retraceable pergola with screens on sides to enclose
  • Gray screen drawn half way down that is integrated into a retractable pergola
  • Black aluminum pergola enclosed on all sides with fixscreens
  • Elevated restaurant patio covered with retractable pergolas and enclosed with logoed  fixscreens
  • White pergola cabanas totally enlcosed on all sides with white fixscreens
  • Fixcreens enclosing side of pergolas over a large patio
  • Sun and wind protection screens attached to a cream retractable pergola enclosing a home patio
  • Integrated screens with crystal windows as sides to enclose
  • White aluminum pergola over home patio seating area with fixscreens partially drawn down on sides
  • White coupled aluminum pergola with white fixscreens partially drawn down


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