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Façade cladding gives your home or business a uniform and stylish look. Our aluminum siding has been developed with design, sustainability and quality in mind. Invisible fixations provide a sleek design, and with the patented fastening system, profiles are fastened to the supports quickly and without screws. This invisible clip system is width-adjustable and easily replaceable, allowing thermal expansion at the same time.

Garage gates and doors integrate smoothly into one tight façade surface. Functional elements such as intercom or doorbell are seamlessly integrated. You can even finish curved façades, and the high-quality finishing makes them suitable for interior applications as well.

Composed of aluminum makes for durable and sturdy cladding that can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Lightweight, yet strong - and above all, extremely easy to maintain. Aluminum cladding is also an environmentally conscious choice, as aluminum has acquired the reputation of being a green metal through its 100% and infinite recyclability. 


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