Renson Algarve louvred pergola with tilting louvres
Bioclimatic Pergolas


The Renson Algarve is an exceptionally versatile pergola. It can be attached to the facade or freestanding. You can even connect various pergolas to each other to cover a large space. Do you live in a contemporary, classic or modern style home? The Algarve comes in many color combinations, which means the pergola always blends in with the style of your home, garden, or business.


You can rotate the louvres of the Algarve aluminum pergola by up to 150°. In this way, you can constantly adjust the solar shading and ventilation to suit your needs at any moment of the day. The louvered pergola is fully waterproof when closed. Once the rain has passed, the water will have drained away in a controlled manner via the integrated drainage channels.


There are numerous side elements and options to choose from which will turn your pergola cover into your favourite place to relax. 

A bioclimatic pergola suitable for all seasons

  • High Quality High
  • Innovative Innovative
  • All Seasons All
  • Easy to Use Easy to
  • Customizable Customizable
  • Sustainability Strength
    & Durability
  • Sustainability Sustainability
  • Made in Europe Made in Europe


  • white louvred pergola covering the patio of a beachside restaurant in the daytime
  • simple white louvred roof attached to a white home with dining table and chairs underneath
  • white pergolas with wooden louvred panel enclosures designed as cabana at a resort
  • black aluminum pergola with louvres closed and integrated LED lighting with people chatting under
  • outdoor office lunch area covered with white bioclimatic pergolas enclosed with screens
  • black framed louvred pergola with white louvres installed on the rooftop balcony of an apartment
  • black louvred pergola pool site with a seating area underneath in the day time surrounded by plants
  • grey aluminum patio cover with louvres and RGB lighting in the night time with furniture underneath
  • black framed louvred bioclimatic pergola attached to roof top restaurant patio
  • aluminum louvred bioclimatic awning with integrated heaters attached to home during the night time

How It Works

Move the slider back and forth to see the louvres of the Algarve open & close.


technical drawing of a freestanding pergola technical drawing of a freestanding pergola

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