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Decked Out

Our client desired a distinctive solution to transform their patio and rooftop deck area, complementing the outdoor kitchen. The Renson Linarte cladding system, known for its versatility and contemporary design, became the ideal match. Used for the surrounding walls and planters, it achieved a unified look, aligning perfectly with our client's vision.

Linarte's sleek profiles in various textures and finishes allowed us to tailor the solution, providing a cohesive appearance. Its robust aluminum construction ensures durability and requires minimal maintenance. The weather-resistant materials mean our client can enjoy this innovative solution for years without the need for frequent upkeep, offering enduring satisfaction.

A private patio with a unique backwall design
A large planter covered with modern cladding

In collaboration with: Genesis Kitchens


Photography & Videography: Take Off Photography

Products Used

Cladding: Renson Linarte Vertical Cladding

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