white led lighting strips integrated in the louvres of a louvred roof system in white


Lighting for your pergola

You can choose between warm white light (perfect for cozy gatherings with friends), pure white light (perfect for reading) and RGB light (only available as uplighting in the frame) to create a personalized feel. The LED lighting in most patio covers can be dimmed so that the intensity of the lighting may be adjusted to create the perfect ambience. The lighting for the Lapure is integrated into the roof structure. You can opt for LED lighting that is integrated into the roof blades in the Camargue Line, Algarve Line, and Aero Line. Upwards or downwards lighting can also be installed on the inside of the frame. With Camargue and Camargue Skye, atmospheric lighting is also available in the columns. 

Our Renson LED lighting is exceptionally durable, high quality, and ensures even lighting without any bright spots. 


  • Lineo lighting integrated into the louvers of an outdoor aluminum retractable pergola shown at night
  • Led lighting and roof beams lights incorporated in the roof of a retractable white aluminum pergola
  • Closed louvers of a pergola with lighting beam in the louvers and along the roof beam
  • Aluminum pergola louvered over patio poolside with soft LED lights lit
  • Roof beams of retractable pergola have incorporated soft led lights that shine up and down
  • Light beams under a PVC retractable pergola with couple enjoying their outdoor space at night
  • Up/down led lights along roof beam and sides of retractable roof brown pergola over patio
  • Led lights lite up green beam up and soft white beaming down on retractable pergola roof beams


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