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9279 Shaughnessy Street

9279 Shaughnessy Street, Vancouver, BC V6P 6R4, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse our FAQs; chances are, your question is right here. If not, we’d love to hear from you.


We would be happy to meet with you and your team to present our company and our product line.

Please head over to our education page to learn more.

Our team provides the sales, installation and service of our products. Our team members are certified installers.

Depending on the product, we also offer an option to only supply our products and provide you with supportive instructions for a DIY installation.


The question of price is absolutely the one we are most often asked. It is difficult to give you precise costs due to project variables: all Atria products are made to measure, according to a range that can vary from a few meters up to very large surface area.

Another variable is the finishes you choose, the options, the colours and the types of fabric that can change the price regardless of size. Then we have to evaluate the installation conditions: for example, is there a cowling? Gutters? Sloping floors? Different conditions of the building can affect the choice of one product over another.

We also need to know all the features of the site: if, for example, you want to install a pergola on the twentieth floor of an apartment building, or the backyard of our home, as well as the shape of supporting walls or the flooring.

So, the best way to get a realistic price is to contact us and request a quote based on all the variables of your project and let us give you a precise quote.


All covers are custom-made to the millimetre, at no extra cost.

This depends on the type of cover. Some models can be coupled to obtain larger dimensions. Please contact us with your project details for more information.

We provide covers in any colour or finish you require, but an additional cost may be added in some cases. The top 100 RAL colours are available to choose from at no additional cost. This allows you to match the colour of your pergola to the carpentry of your home. You may also opt for a glossy or matte look and a dual tone colour scheme as well - for example, having the blades a different colour than the frame.

Covers with louvered roofs can be installed either freestanding or against construction.

The patio cover with an inclination, with a screen or fabric roof, can only be built against a house or other construction.

The Aero roofs are specially designed to be built into a new or existing support structure.

You have full control over the intensity of the light with blades.

When closed, you have no light transmission or you can optionally install some louvres with glass or louvres equipped with LEDs for more light. When the blades are slightly rotated, you get a lot of light inside quickly. With the tilt and retract model, you can not only rotate, but also slide the blades to one side- which gives you a completely open roof.

Louvered roofs and screen roofs also offer complete protection from the rain.

However, you should bear in mind that a louvered roof is an open aluminum structure, not to be confused with a veranda. Furniture and floors must therefore be suitable for outdoor use.

Our covers can be equipped with a wide range of accessories and thus perfectly configured to your personal taste.

This is certainly possible. The best way to do this is to equip the cover with the appropriate side inserts. Lighting and heating also allows you to enjoy your roof at all times and all throughout the year.

Your pergola will be fully exposed to the elements for many years. If you want to always enjoy it optimally, we recommend annual cleaning with the maintenance products provided. These maintenance products will ensure that the intense colour is maintained for years, as well as providing extra protection from acid rain, sea air, and UV rays (see also the extended warranty for yearly use).

A louvered roof is not only protection from the sun; it is ventilating as well. If the air under the cover warms up too much, a ventilation effect can be created by simply rotating the blades slightly, so that the warm air flows away through the roof.

The sound level strongly depends on the intensity of the rain and cannot be quantified.

For pergolas with awning roofs, the noise is similar to that of rain on a tent.

For strip roofs, a dull metallic noise is audible. The use of double-walled blades allows the noise to be less acute than with single blades.

For fixed roof pergolas (Algarve Canvas and Aero Canvas), the rain falls directly on the steel sheet. The anti-corrosion layer allows a slight attenuation of the noise of the rain. The sound level is similar to a louvered roof for a downpour of the same intensity.

For every supporting column, you should lay a concrete foundation suitable for the type of surface the cover will be placed on. The surface should be able to support the weight of the structure. It must be possible to securely install the structure so that it doesn’t blow over in a storm - for example. If you have an existing patio with concrete foundations, you can fit the mounting bases to that.

A cover can usually be installed 3-4 days. Depending on the number of options and infills, the installation process may take 1-2 extra days. Foundation work is not included.

There are mounting brackets which are provided for wall mounting.

Fastening materials (screws) are not provided as they must match the type of bracket and this will vary depending on the situation.

First of all, the wall against which the cover is to be installed should have enough load-bearing capacity to bear the weight of the structure. The wall on which the cover is to be mounted should also be free from any obstacles.

The wall must first have enough lift to be able to support the weight of the pergola. The wall that will support the pergola must be free of any obstacles.

We always recommend providing an earth connection for the pergola. Although this is not necessary for lighting as it is double insulated, this provides additional safety in the event of an unexpected break in the power cable coming from the house. In the event of an earth connection, the voltage would be interrupted immediately.

The columns are cut to size at the factory according to the size ordered and it is especially important not to make any adjustments on site. Some planned perforations (example: for the installation of the mounting feet) would no longer be correct if the columns were shortened.

For the Camargue line and the Algarve line, the water is evacuated by a synthetic pipe located in the columns (diameter 50 mm). This duct can be connected to the sewer. For the Lapure, the water is drained directly into the columns and at the bottom of the column onto the terrace. Connection to the sewer is not possible.

All colours and finishes are possible. For this it will take a supplement. If the exact colour must be approximated, always ask the powder code from the chassis supplier. Please note that the exact colour cannot be guaranteed. Due to the basic materials, coating parameters and the production batches of the powder, there may be a slight colour difference.

If the blades are not fully closed, you can continue to operate them in frost. If the blades are fully closed, condensation between the blades may cause them to freeze shut. In this case, the roof should not be operated.

This varies per model. Load bearing capacities are listed in the facts section of each pergola model. If you require the study, please contact us directly.

Why is the snow capacity measured in kg/m²? In theory, snow weighs between 100 and 200 kg/m². This means that 10 cm of snow weighs up to 20 kg/m². If the snow is wetter, this can go up to 500 to 600 kg/m². This wet snow can cause load problems on the roof. The snow that remains on the roof for a while squeezes under its own weight and weighs more. This is why the lift of the pergola is always expressed in kg/m² instead of cm of snow.

A barbecue will produce soot and dirt. If you’re using a barbecue under your cover, make sure the rotatable blades are not fully closed or the screen roof is fully opened to ensure the space under the roof is properly ventilated. The smoke produced by a barbecue may also cause the blades to become dirty, meaning you will need to clean them afterwards. Make sure that any barbecue or open flames are always at least 1.5 meters away from any screens or other walls fitted to your patio cover. If not, you could cause permanent damage to the powder coating or fabric.

The fabric used in our Fixscreens are water repellent, so you can leave them rolled down in rain. We recommend that you do not roll up the screen when wet, as this will prevent the fabric from drying properly, which may result in staining. Wet screens will stretch slightly and won’t roll up as neatly. The fabric is rot-proof and mold-proof, but any substances deposited and allowed to remain on the fabric (pollen, bird droppings, leaves) can rot or mold. As such, we recommend wet screens are rolled down again as soon as possible to allow them to dry.


Sun protection screens can be used on very large windows (even up to 22 m2), sliding windows, corner windows or curtain walls. Roller shutters can only be used for surfaces with smaller dimensions. Moreover, they only fit on standard windows. Fabric sunscreens prevent your home from overheating. You will also retain a view of the outside and won’t be sitting in the dark. The look & feel of sun protection screens can be perfectly adapted to your project. An extensive range of fabrics and colours are available.

You can definitely maximize your savings by automating your sun protection. Automated - dynamic - sun protection will automatically provide sun protection in the presence of bright sunlight. This prevents the interior of your space from overheating, and therefore eliminating the need for extra cooling. Simultaneously, you can also continue to enjoy the sun's warmth in the winter, so that your space heats up free of cost, which lowers your energy bill.

Certainly, the choice of fabric is very important in responding to your wishes and needs. It is important that you think about whether you want to prevent overheating, avoid annoying reflections on reflective surfaces – or to maintain a good view of the garden and whether you just want to maintain your privacy.

If the fabric gets wet during an unexpected rain shower, you can roll it up and then, in better weather, roll it down again to let it dry. However, to prevent the formation of mold and stains, make sure you never keep the fabric rolled up for more than 2 days. For fabrics with crystal windows, it is recommended to only roll them up fully dry.

In strong winds, your screen can be operated perfectly. Our screens offer a high wind guarantee up - for example, our Renson screens guarantee up to 130 km/h.

However, it is difficult to estimate exactly how hard the wind is blowing. You can also consider automating your sun protection screen with a wind sensor. In freezing weather, it's best not to operate your sun protection screen. Leave them in place and do not roll them up or down - until temperatures rise above freezing.

Equipped with a black out fabric, sun protection screens are perfect for bedrooms.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can guarantee sustainable products that you can enjoy for a long time. Nevertheless, regular maintenance is crucially important in order to extend the lifespan of the product. And that is limited to cleaning the fabric and the profiles – request more information about the maintenance products we recommend.

Yes, we will help you in your search for the perfect product for your project. Our team will conduct measurements and will order all the sun protection screens according to your specific requirements.


Yes, that is possible, but keep in mind that the view from left to right is different from right to left. Opt for the closed blade. For vertical lines, we recommend you use the Linarte system.

No. The clips cannot be loaded in the other direction.

Both direct and indirect LED lighting is available in warm 3000K and pure 5000K white light.

Linarte has been tested at temperatures from -20°C to 80°C (limitation of climate room).


This consists of aluminum ducts that must be connected to each other by means of the Linarte support profiles. This is where the Linarte profiles are clipped on. It is therefore a frame that is provided with a thermos edge finish (seat or planter surround) at the top. If desired,the supplied water permeable Soltis plant bag can be attached to the planter.

The garden elements are only available in powder-coated Renson R standard textured colours.

It is not possible to supply the garden elements in an anodised finish, nor powder-coated with pre-anodisation.

The aluminum profiles undergo a Seaside Quality A pre-treatment at no extra cost. Seaside Quality A is a pre-treatment on the powder coating line in which a surface layer of at least 2 g/m2 is removed. This extra pre-treatment protects our aluminum profiles against the effects of aggressive environments, such as coastal areas or heavy industries.

When it comes to the Linarte Icon’s canvas, you can choose from the Serge and Natte fabrics from the Outdoor Side canvas sampler B0000114. Metal, Privacy, and Staccato are not offered.

Only the Modulo and Light have standard models. Customization is not possible. The Linarte Icon is always made to measure and according to your wishes, provided that the minimum and maximum dimensions are respected.

If applicable, the seam is always horizontal (as low as possible).

The LEDs are only available in warm white light.

The LEDs of the Linarte Light are not dimmable. They can be connected to 110V, with built-in 24V power supply.

Yes, you can use the maintenance set for the maintenance of aluminum. The wood does not need any specific treatment. If you wish to obtain an even ageing, there are specific products in the market for this purpose.The user must use and maintain the garden elements with due care, which includes regular cleaning and maintenance. Clean the garden elements at least once a year: first remove loose dirt with a brush or vacuum cleaner. You can then use a cleaning product (avoid aggressive, corrosive products) and remove the remaining dirt with lukewarm water. Always rinse the screen after cleaning.Do not clean in direct sun: quick-drying soapy water can leave stains on the screen. Never clean using a high-pressure cleaner.


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