Heat & Sound Beam

Heaters and speakers in your pergola

Create a space to enjoy early morning to late evening, and host dinners, events, and entertain restaurant patrons. Renson heaters in your pergola radiates shortwave infrared light which immediately dissipates heat and provides a pleasant feeling. The watertight audio system creates an agreeable atmosphere under your pergola. You can connect it to a multi-room system, but you can also control it via Bluetooth. All the cabling is hidden away in the structure of the pergola.

Although the Renson audio and heat beam offers a fantastic experience, we have additionally partnered with Bromic to offer the opportunity to install heating elements separately.



  • Comfortable & immediate radiated heat
  • High quality sound
  • Aesthetic finish with black heat-resistant ceramic glass (Schott)
  • Orientable radiation angle for targeted heating (Renson heaters)


  • Pergola heaters incorporated into frame of pergola over an apartment patio dining area
  • Close up of pergola side beam integrated heater
  • Integrated roof beam heaters lite under a retractable pergola patio
  • Lite integrated roof in a black aluminum retractable pergola over dining patio
  • Close up of integrated pergola heater
  • Integrated pergola heaters lit up under a cream louvered roof
  • Patio heaters integrated into side pergola roof beam over an outdoor living area
  • White pergola over outdoor home patio living area with integrated heaters in roof beams
  • Heaters integrated into the roof beams of a white retractable pergola over an outdoor dining patio


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