sliding doors with louvres and mesh design integrated on the side of a louvred roof system

Loggia Sliding Doors

A pergola with sliding doors

The sliding panels have a non-warping aluminum frame that you can complement with louvers or a canvas screen. 

You can choose from a wide range of panels for the pergola with horizontal louvers: Loggialu with aluminum louvers, Loggialu Wooddesign with aluminum louvers in a wood-effect or Loggiawood with louvers made from real cedar wood. These three types also come in the privacy version, which allows you to manually tilt the louvers to adjust the privacy and incoming light according to your preferences.

You can also choose the Loggialu Plano – an aluminum frame with rectangular fixed louvers - or the Loggialu Stirata – a fixed panel in a woven structure – for your pergola or carport with sliding doors. The Loggiascreen Canvas has a canvas screen that covers its full span. 


  • Solar shading panel with a wide range of designs
  • No visible connectors
  • Variants with fixed or movable louvres
  • Requires little maintenance


  • Loggia panels enclose an outdoor living space
  • Custom designed loggia panels in gold metal enclosing a patio living space
  • Loggia panels in cream enclose and outdoor living  space shown on a snowy day
  • Loggia panel with fabric incorporated into the side of a pergola as an entrance way
  • Loggia aluminum panels with wood finish slats incorporated into a pergola side panel poolsidee
  • Loggia sliding panels with wood slats that tilt and close used for patio enclosure
  • Close up view of Loggia panels in slate gray metal with slats that tilt and close for privacy
  • Loggia metal panels with wood finish slats that tilt and retract on a pergola
  • Loggia wood slats panels incorporated into a pergola for a privacy wall


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